The Bible ABC Activity Book

Teachers Manual is free to download as pdf
This full-color book includes pages children add to in order to build their own hands-on book of important Bible concepts. For example, on the “A for Adam ate the fruit” page, children tape a bush in the garden of Eden and hide the serpent behind it. They can then take the serpent out and make it say, “Ye hath God said …?” On the “C for Christ crucified on a cross” page, the children put their “sins” on Christ and wash them away with His blood. On the “G for gift of God” page, students make a gift they can “open” to reveal the cross and empty tomb inside. Once made, children will want to read and interact with their books over and over again.

The Teacher Manual that accompanies this book is required as it includes all of the patterns necessary to build each page. In addition, it includes scripted lessons, patterns for more than a dozen fun file folder games, memory verse cards, and many more hand-on activities and crafts that make the Bible come alive.