Media Library Guide

On our website,, you will notice tabs across the top if you’re using a computer and not a phone.

Click on the Media tab and in the drop down menu, select media word search. In the box that opens, REMOVE ANY SEARCH DATA then enter what you want to search.

For a date, you must use this format. YYYYDDMM. To search Tue. or Wed. studies, you can use the date if you have it, or search the Tue. series name which is, Has the Tribulation Begun. and Right Division 101 on Wed. You can also do word searches like suffering, rapture, salvation etc. To search for a verse, enter the book and chapter. Don’t enter the verse number because often you won’t get a hit. 

If you’re on a cell phone, tap the three bars, then follow the instructions above. 

If you need any help, email You can also phone me at 714.332.9126