2021 Right Division Series

2021 Right Division Series

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All scripture is written for us, but not all scripture is written to us or about us.

3 responses to “2021 Right Division Series”

  1. Nancy Herr says:

    Hi – I have been listening to your audio lesson series 2021 Right Division 101. I have listen up to part 7. When I went to download part 8, I noticed you changed your website. There is no link to this series. Is there some way I can get access to this series so I can continue listening? Thank you! I have been listening and watching your ministry for years.

    • john verstegen says:

      Thanks for listening to our series on 2021 Right Division 101
      You could search our entire mp3 library at https://helpersofyourjoy.com/media/mp3/ , we’re working to make the stucture easy to navigate by placing files into their respective folders.

      For convenience, we’ve developed a search engine that will take space delimited key words; for example, you could run a search like: “2021 right division verstegen”
      That would give results for any file with those words in the file name.
      There should be a menu item called “MP3 Search” at the top of the page. or you could jump directly to it here

      Thanks for the feedback, we hope to make this tool better for our users.

  2. A.J. Hardee says:

    John-my wife and I love and appreciate learning about Rightly Dividing the Word.

    We want to attend a church that teaches the same and wondered if you knew how we could find a church near Boise/Meridian Idaho that we could attend?

    Also, is there a way that we could get a copy of your chart on Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth?

    Thank you and God Bless

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