North Idaho Bible Camp – June 22-26 2022

North Idaho Bible Camp – June 22-26 2022

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North Idaho Bible Camp

When: June 23-26 2022

Where: 209 Cocollala Loop Rd. Cocollala ID, 83813

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Berta Mowery

(760) 670-5497

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Thursday June 23, 7:00PM: A Wise Master-builder’s Plans (John Verstegen)
In Paul’s epistles, we find the blueprints for the edification of the believer. This study will present a “bird’s-eye” view of the plans as identified in
Romans 16:25-26.

Friday June 24, 9:00AM: That Ye May be Established (Alex Kurz)
The establishment of the believer is the very purpose of the book or Romans. This study will take us through Rom. 1:1-17, presenting some of the basic
details of Paul’s unique apostleship, his purpose in writing this book, and the theme of this book.

Friday June 24, 10:30AM: How the Heathen Became the Heathen (Nathan Cody)
How did humanity got so messed up? This study will take us through Rom. 1:18-32 detailing how it happened.

Friday June 24, 7:00PM: The Righteous Judgment of God (Dave Stout)
God is righteous and holy in all His judgements. This study will take us through Rom. 2:1-16, showing the principles of and reason for God’s righteous

Friday June 24, 8:30PM:When Advantage Turns to Disadvantage (John Verstegen)
Though Israel had God’s Word, their pride and self righteousness quickly led to disobedience to His Word and brought them under condemnation. This
study through Rom. 2:17-29 will show Israel’s hypocrisy and utter failure to follow and keep God’s Word.

Saturday June 25, 9:00AM: None Righteous, No Not One! (Dave Stout)
Religion says that people are not really that bad and that “good works” will make up for “bad works.” Rom. 3:1-18 presents a completely different picture,
showing how the Word of God declares, and history proves, that all, both Jews and Gentiles, are under sin and guilty in the sight of God.

Saturday June 25, 10:30AM: Justified Freely by God’s Grace (Alex Kurz)
A study of Rom. 3:19-31, showing that man is justified freely by God’s grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. This passage is critical in order
for us to not only understand justification, but also to begin to appreciate all of the wonderful truths about the believer’s new identity and position in Christ
that are directly connected to justification.

Saturday June 25, 7:00PM: Blessed Is the Man (Nathan Cody)
Imputed righteousness—what does that mean, and why does scripture say that someone who has it is “blessed”? Rom. 4:1-8

Sunday June 26, 9:00AM: Therefore It Is of Faith (John Verstegen)
Abraham was justified by God in a unique way. Rom. 4:9-24 shows us that the reason for this was to ensure that the promise of righteousness and eternal
life would be “…of faith, that it might be by grace…”

Sunday June 26, 10:30AM: Peace with God and Access by Faith (Alex Kurz)
Rom. 5:1-11 declares that as a result of “being justified by faith,” we have “peace with God.” This amazing truth also gives the believer perfect and
unbroken access into God’s grace and guarantees participation in the glory of God. Even the tribulations of this present time actually work for us to
produce patience, experience, and hope, all pointing our hearts and minds to the love of God.

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